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Vesmír č. 10
Vesmír č. 10
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2. 10. 2017
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O čtvrtém řádu a o tom, jak se nakonec, neřád, zkomplikoval

The Quaternary period and how it became even more complicated. Part II: Explosion of the knowledge in 20th century. By Petr Pokorný.

Along with revolutionary discoveries in the field of Quaternary geology, theoretical inquiries expanded our insights into the causes of past glaciations. Taking some older concepts, J. Croll developed the theory of harmonically changing orbital parameters of the planet Earth that could led to the successive alterations between warm and cold periods. Under the framework of dominant monoglacialistic concept of that time, such theory could not find general acceptance. Some 50 years later, much more precise calculations of Milutin Milanković had by far the same fate. This was only after World War II when these theoretical models found their background in the factual data collected by geologists studying river terraces, loess sequences and deep ocean cores. Using multiple correlations between different sorts of sedimentary records, complemented by application of new techniques of their absolute dating, modern paradigm of multiple glaciations finally established in 60th and 70th of the last century. Together with rising appreciation of global-scale processes such development led to the emergence of the new global consciousness of our time.