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Vesmír č. 10
Vesmír č. 10
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2. 10. 2017
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Náhrada funkce lidských jater – realita, nebo přání?

Artifitial Livers – reality or dream? by Miroslav Ryska.

Liver’s the vital important organ plays its role not only in detoxication but in synthesis and supports more than 500 metabolic processes. Without liver is our live threaten within a few days. Acute liver failure survives only 60–70 % patients in Europe as well in USA but percentage of etiology is various. Acute liver transplantation is only causal therapy of choice but there is the need of immunosupressive therapy during all live even in the case of predictive spontaneous liver function recovery.

Artificial and bioartificial liver (BAL) support systems may „to bridge“ the patient with acute liver failure (ALF) to transplantation or to spontaneous recovery. Author presents all current methods and prefers the non-biological elimination equipments with own experience with Prometheus (FPSA – Fractionated plasma separation and adsorption) in the treatment of experimental acute liver failure. FPSA significantly improves intracranial pressure, one of the most important marker of acute liver failure. On the other hand only BAL is potential able to make the synthesis of important proteins and physiologically active substances.

The idea of hybrid liver support systems, which combine living cells of the liver in an extracorporeal circuit, is potential very hopeful.